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  • Ngā manu

    Ngā manu

    Have a look in the list below and see if you can pick out the Māori name for the bird also known as the New Zealand Fantail. Hīrairaka; Hītakataka; Hīwai; Hīwaiwaka; Hīwakawaka; Kōtiutiu; Pīrairaka; Pīrakaraka; Pīrangirangi; Pītakataka; Pīwaiwaka; Pīwakawaka; Tīaiaka; Tīaka; Tīakaaka; Tieaka; Tīrairaka; Tīrakaraka; Tītaiwaka; Tītakataka; Tītīrairaka; Tīwaiwaka; Tīwakawaka; Wakawaka If you picked the…