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Digitising Negatives by DSLR

The Problem to be Solved For many years, I have struggled through the process of scanning old negatives using a flatbed scanner. I even wrote a post on the particular struggle that was Scanning Negatives with VueScan (Multi-frame). While I managed to…

Wellington Spots

A colleague is new to the Wellington area and frequently says she has no idea what we’re talking about when people in the office talk about nearby localities. When I described my love of Zealandia, she did not know where it was, and eventually …

“Information” versus “Documents”

Documents and information are two very different things and using the tools for one to produce the other can needlessly complicate your audience.

waterfalls in forest
Reading Stream Files in RPG

While working on a task to parse IBM MQ logs for a web front end, I needed to solve a couple of problems: Wrangle the log files into something far more manageable than their raw state; single entries span multiple lines and there is a lot of whitespa…

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Useful Linux Commands

I created this page to share some ‘beyond basic’ Linux commands that I have needed to devise to solve specific problems. Partly this is documentation for my own purposes (though I have them stored elsewhere as well) but mostly it’s …