This is yet another web site™ from me, Allister Jenks.

About “Digital Gardening”…

This site began life in early 2021 as yet another blog™ as all of my general, personal web sites have been since 2005. Late in 2021 I first heard about Digital Gardening and the idea intrigued me.

You can read about Digital Gardening here, as I did. It explains many concepts and how they evolved, but my interpretation boils down to these key points:

  • The passage of time is not the structure of the content. All of the content continues to exist in the space that is right for it.
  • Where blog posts are sometimes updated, complete with ‘Updated!’ emblazoned on them, a Digital Gardening site expects that any content will change over time. For this reason, every page has the date it was planted (created) and the date it was last tended (updated). These details are baked into the page, so you know how fresh the content is.

Based on the site linked above, I have marked the ‘state’ of my articles with one of four markers, so you get a sense of how ‘final’ I consider each to be.

🌱 Seedling — The early formations of an idea.

🌿 Budding — A mostly formed idea, but I can see it will change or needs expansion.

🌳 Evergreen — A fully formed idea. A lot of these will be the simpler stuff.

🍂 Out of Season — Either the content is no longer relevant, or I have realised it is actually misleadingly wrong!