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  • Scanning Negatives with VueScan (Multi-frame)

    Scanning Negatives with VueScan (Multi-frame)

    Some years ago I began the task of scanning my father’s large collection of photographic negatives, comprising several hundred films. I have had many starts on this project and many different approaches, each with their own issues. Some approaches have been easy to perform but yielded suboptimal results. Others much harder to perform but with…

  • Using Backblaze B2 to safeguard your photos

    Using Backblaze B2 to safeguard your photos

    This post is based on one originally published on a different site in November 2018. You back up your photos, right? They are your precious memories and you’d not want to lose them, right? What if I told you that backups are not enough to protect your photos — do I have your attention? There…